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Laura Norton

2020 Top 50 Lobbyist by James Magazine

Senior Associate

Laura Norton began her political career in 2002 when she worked as the fundraising assistant on Governor Sonny Perdue’s first gubernatorial campaign. After a victorious campaign in 2002, Norton took a position in fundraising at the Georgia Republican Party. She served two years as the fundraising assistant for the Party and two years as the finance director. During this time, the fundraising team at the Georgia Republican Party posted record numbers. Following her time at the Georgia Republican Party, Norton formed her own company focused on fundraising consulting.
Norton developed a strong list of clients in Georgia including Former House Speaker Glenn Richardson, then Rules Chairman Earl Ehrhart, Representative Barry Fleming, then State Senator Barry Loudermilk, the House Republican Caucus, a number of PACs and a host of others.
Laura joined Peachtree Government Relations in 2009 and has enjoyed success in lobbying for a strong clientele. She focuses on furthering clients’ legislative agenda as well as representing their interests at the local level. Laura resides in Smyrna, GA with her two children and her husband, Derek, who serves as the Mayor of Smyrna.

Laura Norton: Team
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